What is ITIL® & Apollo 13 Business Simulation?

This is a 4-day, instructor-led, entry-level course for teams who need an insight into the key elements, concepts and terminology used in the ITIL® service lifecycle.

The stages of this lifecycle include:

Service Strategy
Service Operation
Service Design
Continual Service Improvement (CSI)
Service Transition
Attendees also grasp the linkages between lifecycle stages, the processes and functions used and their contribution to IT service management (ITSM) practices.

With the growing importance of IT to all organizations ITSM is becoming a strategic capability. Many organizations have adopted and invested in ITSM best practice frameworks such as ITIL. Many are struggling and are not achieving the hoped for value, worse still their lack of ITSM capabilities and presenting a risk to their business.

An ITIL certification training will give you a good view on the best practices framework and will give you a translation to day-to-day work. This 'Apollo 13' business game is a learning-by-doing workshop in which teams of work on challenging issues within a simulated environment. Each participant will play a role and has specific tasks, responsibilities and authority. The facilitator will provide support and instructions and helps the team reflect on their experiences and what they have learned.


Why take it?

Teams can expect to gain a general overview and understanding of ITIL®. Key topics include:

Reasons why an organization should follow ITIL® best practices.
The organizational impact of a best practice implementation.
ITIL® terminology and definitions.
Adopting and adapting ITIL® principles.
The benefits and pitfalls of a best practice implementation.
ITIL® success stories.
The ITIL® Foundation certificate fulfills the prerequisities for moving up to the intermediate level.

The 'Apollo 13' Business Simulation will help you:

measure and improve your ITSM performance
increase Customer and Service Focus and set the right priorities based on customer impact
develop communications and team competences
apply ITSM best practices
get more out of your ITIL training
improve processes to realize demonstrated value and reduce business risk
The learning objectives are dependent upon what you or your organization are trying to achieve, where you are on your ITSM journey and the problems and issues you are trying to solve.


Who should attend?

This certification is open to anyone who has an interest in the subject. It is primarily aimed towards attendees who:

Require a basic understanding of the ITIL® Framework.
Need an understanding of how ITIL® can be used to enhance the quality of ITSM within a team.
Work within a team that has adopted and adapted ITIL® and need to be informed about, or contribute to, an ongoing service improvement program.

Anyone who wants to learn more about IT service management (f.e. ITIL) and process based working in a learning-by-doing environment.

The training is available as in house for teams or as a public training for individuals.


Are there any prerequisites?

There are no mandatory prerequisities although experience in IT or related fields is beneficial.

The learning objectives are dependent upon what you are trying to achieve or what your background is. If you have already attended an ITIL training you will apply the theory in this business simulation and you will learn by solving problems and issues. If ITIL is new to you, the 'Apollo 13' business simulation will give you the basics and will let you experience how ITIL can be used to improve ITSM performance.


What material is provided?

Each attendee is provided with hard copies of SMME's ITIL® Foundation student manual consisting of presentation slides, corresponding notes and 80 sample exam questions and we will provide all the material you need for the 'Apollo 13' Business Simulation.


Where can I book it?

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