What is AgilePM®?

AgilePM is an approach that provides the concepts of project management within the Agile framework. The AgilePM can be implemented along with more process-based project management approaches such as PRINCE2.

In the Agile Project Management style the Project Manager creates a high level plan based on major requirements and type of solution. After this point the end product is created iteratively and incrementally. Unlike the traditional approach teams are an integral part of the detailed planning of the development stages.

Inside an Agile project the teams work together with a representative of the user to confirm the details of each increment and make sure to have an evolving solution.

Where did AgilePM® come from?

Agile Project Management is the result of the collaboration between DSDM Consortium and APMG International.

DSDM Consortium (www.dsdm.org) was established to develop and promote best practice and learning for successful Agile projects. The objective behind the DSDM approach to Agile is to focus the project into clearly defined strategic goals and early delivery of real benefits to the business.

APMG International (www.apmg-international.com) is an examination institute that accredits training organizations for professional certification schemes.

Who is AgilePM® for?

Anyone who wants to develop their Agile management skills based on a best practice.

It is suitable for project managers, team members, stakeholders in an AgilePM project especially business stakeholders as well as teams from organizations that want to integrate the Agile approach to their existing project management systems.

What online resources are available for AgilePM®?

The main points of resources for the Agile Project Management are the websites for DSDM Consortium and the APMG-International websites:
• DSDM Consortium (www.dsdm.org)
• APMG International (www.apmg-international.com)

The official manual for Agile Project Management is also a handy reference manual for anyone in the field. (http://www.apmg-businessbooks.com/productInfo.aspx?prodid=1274).

What is the AgilePM® course roadmap?