What is this course?

This ITIL 4 training is a 3-day, instructor-led, entry-level course for teams who need an insight into the key elements, concepts and terminology used in the ITIL framework.

Attendees also grasp the linkages between stages, processes and functions used and their contribution to modern IT service management (ITSM) practices.


The topics covered are:

1) Introduction

  • The role of IT Service Management as a key strategic capability within organisations hoping to stay relevant in the face of rapid advancements in technology
  • The structure and purpose of the new framework, ITIL® 4, which provide guidance around two key components: Service Value System and the Four Dimensions Model
  • An outline of the Service Value Chain, ITIL® Practices and Principles, and the elements of the Four Dimensions Model

2) Key Concepts of Service Management

  • The nature and values of Service Management, including the new focus of ITIL® 4 on stakeholder value, detailing the relationship between Organisations, Service Providers, Service Consumers, and other stakeholders
  • The management of Products and Services that organisations offer and how these are supplied with resources, in order to improve and focus Service Offerings to target consumer groups
  • The areas to consider when evaluating the value of service relationships with consumers, based on how they are affected by the outcomes, costs, and risks involved

3) The Four Dimensions of Service Management

  • An introduction to one of the central focuses of ITIL® 4, the Four Dimensions Model, and how its elements must collaborate to provide different perspectives to the Service Value Chain
  • Detailed outlines of the four dimensions: Organisations and People, Information and Technology, Partners and Suppliers, and Value Streams and Processes. This includes the role they play in IT Service Management, their main principles and examples in relation to the ITIL® framework, and factors to consider within organisations

4) The ITIL® Service Value System

  • An introduction to the second central focus of ITIL® 4, Service Value System, including its purpose and relevant inputs and outputs
  • The relationship between the five components of the SVS model and how they interact to provide a clear framework that ensures the effective functioning of Service Management
  • A description of ‘silos’ and how the SVS is best used to discourage them and manage change more effectively

5) The ITIL® Guiding Principles

  • The seven core principles that determine how ITIL® operates
  • An explanation of how organisations must follow these principles when choosing to adopt a new ITSM framework, fully understanding the message and value, and communicating this with their stakeholders

6) The Service Value Chain

  • An operating model for service creation, delivery, and continual improvement
  • The six activities that form the Service Value Chain are intended to help the creation of products and services focused on value

7) General Management Practices

  • Management practices are organisational resources designed to accomplish specific objectives
  • An overview of the four categories of organisational resources
  • Effective use of management practices will ensure businesses can put their service on the market quickly and efficiently

8) Service Management Principles

  • An overview of the various Service Management Practices designed to improve the implementation of ITIL® 4
  • Detailed outlines of Availability Management, Business Analysis, Change Control, and Release Management
  • The stages of Service Level Management, including defining, recording, and managing service levels

9) Technical Management Principles

  • Deployment Management is a key type of Technical Management and is designed to transfer new or changed software, hardware, processes, and documentation
  • Infrastructure and Platform Management enables the further monitoring of technology solutions
  • Software Development and Management ensures that applications meet internal and external stakeholder needs

Why take ITIL 4 Foundation?

Teams can expect to gain a general overview and understanding of ITIL. Key topics include:

  • Reasons why an organization should follow ITIL best practices.
  • The organizational impact of a best practice implementation.
  • ITIL terminology and definitions.
  • Adopting and adapting ITIL® principles.
  • The benefits and pitfalls of a best practice implementation.
  • ITIL success stories.

The ITIL Foundation certificate fulfills the prerequisities for moving up to the next level certificates.


Who should attend ITIL Foundation?

This ITIL certification is open to anyone who has an interest in the subject. It is primarily aimed towards attendees who:

  • Require a basic understanding of the ITIL Framework.
  • Need an understanding of how ITIL can be used to enhance the quality of ITSM within a team.
  • Work within a team that has adopted and adapted ITIL and need to be informed about, or contribute to, an ongoing service improvement program.


Are there any prerequisites?

There are no mandatory prerequisities for this ITIL training although experience in IT or related fields is beneficial to get the most out of the training.


What courseware is provided?

Each attendee is provided with hard copies of SMME's ITIL Foundation student manual consisting of presentation slides, corresponding notes and 80 sample exam questions.


What does it take to get ITIL 4 Foundation certified?

To obtain the ITIL Foundation certificate, attendees must pass a 40-question, 60-minute, multiple-choice exam. The passing score is 65% or 26 out of 40 questions must be correct. The exam is included in the course fee.

Certification can be valuable to teams because it:

  • Demonstrates proven proficiency.
  • Reflects professional and personal achievement.
  • Offers greater recognition from peers.
  • Builds self-esteem.
  • Increases the likelihood of cooperation and buy-in.


Where can I book it?

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Course Testimonials

  • I did the ITIL Expert with SMME and Syed was my contact. He did an excellent job guiding me through each modules. Great experience!
    Haroon Malik
    05/17 Dubai
  • Using real life examples to deliver the information was great technique.
    Alaa Hasan AlSaghyer
    Almajal Security Services
    09/2016 Saudi Arabia
  • A very supportive and cooperative trainer.
    Muhammad Adel Saddik
    Almajal G4S
    09/2016 Saudi Arabia
  • Ghassan is an outstanding instructor.
    Mohammad Hamza AlHazmi
    Saudi Electricity Company
    4/2017 Saudi Arabia
  • It was easier to understand the topic through the various examples Marc gave us.
    Olivier Boissézon
    2/2017 Dubai, UAE
  • Best instructor I ever had!
    01/2016 Leuven
  • Really easy to pay attention, thanks to good presentation skills
    02/2016 Brussels
  • Keep up the good work!
    10/2015 Brussels
  • Could not have been better!
    CMV Solutions
    02/2015 Leuven
  • Provides a good overview of the complete lifecycle, seperate lifecycles and relations between them.
    Hannes V.
    Silicomp Benelux
    04/2015 Leuven, Belgium
  • The instructor is excellent; gives examples, shares experience.
    Marcel Olivier A.
    04/2015 Leuven, Belgium
  • Very interesting, good examples, good time management. Very interesting material to map the current situation and the needs of our company. A good experience!
    Jo D.
    04/2015 Leuven, Belgium
  • Heel aangenaam en goede structuur. Een opleiding die stimuleert en ook aandacht geeft aan andere gerelateerde domeinen.
    Joeri J.
    05/2015 Leuven, Belgium
  • I was really impressed by the professionalism of the instructor.
    David P.
    09/2014 Brussels, Belgium
  • It was a very good course and Marc knew his stuff!!
    J. Decock
    02/2014 Leuven, Belgium
  • Very experienced trainer. SMME always provides excellent, high-quality courses.
    Kristof D. S.
    Sopra Banking Software
    10/2013 Leuven, Belgium
  • Excellent delivery. I highly recommend this training to anyone in ITSM.
    Robin Anne P.
    Cisco Systems
    08/2013 Brussels, Belgium
  • I feel very well-prepared. Knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructor!
    Christophe D.
    08/2013 Brussels, Belgium
  • It was nice that Pierre kept in touch with (and personally greeted) me throughout the course.
    Ray F.
    04/2013 Dubai, UAE
  • One of the best trainers I have ever had! These 3 days were a pleasure.
    Christophe V. L.
    05/2013 Leuven, Belgium
  • Well organized and executed. The instructor has extensive knowledge and experience.
    Kelly L.
    05/2013 Leuven, Belgium
  • Very helpful! Topics were explained clearly and easily understood. Pleasant experience.
    Mildred R.
    Henkel DSO
    03/2013 Dubai, UAE
  • The course helped me understand the full concepts, from the development stage to roll out.
    Lynette S.
    03/2013 Dubai, UAE
  • Charmaine was excellent in helping us around the course/environment. She is a great resource.
    Haniff T.
    03/2013 Dubai, UAE
  • Great job! Easy to keep pace and learn. Not too much reading or information that was not useful. Awesome!
    David S.
    Chandler-Gilbert Community College
    03/2013 Phoenix, AZ
  • Jace is an excellent instructor. One of the most informative and easy courses I have taken. SMME is the place to get training!
    Jeff H.
    Insight Enterprises, Inc.
    02/2013 Phoenix, AZ
  • Very knowledgeable and well-organized. My impression is simple. You will see me again!
    Aymen A.
    11/2012 Dubai, UAE
  • Marc was amazing! He made me even more interested in taking other courses.
    Rashed A.
    09/2012 Dubai, UAE
  • Amazing! I would like to take more courses with Marc. His examples were impressive.
    Umair M.
    Abu Dhabi Finance
    09/2012 Dubai, UAE
  • The trainer knows his stuff! Clear overview of what ITIL is and how it is to be used.
    Pieter V. G.
    Brain Star
    08/2012 Leuven, Belgium
  • Knowledge of the instructor and presentation skills were top notch. Jace was the best instructor I have ever had. Excellent!
    Perry H.
    Ports America
    04/2012 Phoenix, AZ
  • Marc uses a clear and structured approach. Excellent delivery across cultures.
    Iain G.
    02/2012 Dubai, UAE
  • Very impressed with Marc's knowledge, based on real experiences in the industry.
    Vince T.
    02/2012 Dubai, UAE
  • Excellent use of real-world examples/analogies. Marc presented the content just right.
    Alistair R.
    02/2012 Dubai, UAE
  • Jace was a great instructor and knew the materials very well.
    Tiffany D.
    Best Western International
    02/2012 Phoenix, AZ
  • Marc's delivery of the Foundation theory helped me as I expect to use ITIL heavily.
    Ascya B.
    Intouch IT
    01/2012 Dubai, UAE
  • Real-world examples of instructor's experience were extremely helpful in applying information from the course.
    Heather Z.
    Wells Fargo
    11/2011 Phoenix, AZ
  • Excellent communication. Engaged class participation. Highly recommended. Great instruction. I was constantly challenged.
    Rikk M.
    City of Scottsdale
    11/2011 Phoenix, AZ
  • Knowledge level of instructor, with use of examples and relevant applications, was impressive!
    Kathleen H.
    Hospice of the Valley
    11/2011 Phoenix, AZ
  • Jace was a good instructor and ran a great class. I really learned a lot!
    John M.
    Iridium Satellite
    11/2011 Phoenix, AZ
  • She removed a lot of the gray areas that I had in my mind. Her perspective on this was great!
    Ashit R.
    11/2010 Kuwait