What is your consulting approach?

SMME delivers consulting solutions that are tailor-made to your specific needs. Our goal is to help you when (and where) you need it most.

The steps involved in a consulting engagement include:

  1. Receiving your inquiry.
  2. Discussing your “as is” and “to be” situations.
  3. Devising a concrete action plan with key people, information and tools in its scope.
  4. Following up on progress at regular checkpoints.
  5. Evaluating results and adjusting the approach when necessary.

As SFIA accredited consultants, our role is to help you link IT, the business and HR to enhance the skills available within your organization.

What are the key considerations?

The questions we seek to answer during a consulting engagement include:

  • Do you have clear roles and responsibilities for all staff members?
  • Do you know which skills exist in your organization?
  • Is your organization aligned with future sourcing requirements?
  • Are you able to recruit the right people?
  • Are promotion decisions taken objectively?
  • Have you defined appropriate development paths for your staff?
  • Do salaries correspond to the value of each staff member role?
  • Do you maintain a skills inventory?

Which consulting should I choose?

The most popular areas of consulting include:

Roles / Job Descriptions

Define roles consistently and add content to them based on the SFIA framework. Also, link the roles to effective job descriptions.


Determine your recruitment approach and examine the effect on communication between you, agencies, applicants and contractors.

Skills Assessment

Identify the core skills staff need to possess. Determine what evidence would be appropriate to prove competence. Link professional skills to technical skills, knowledge, experience, etc.

Professional Profiles

Evaluate the skills for which an individual has demonstrated competence. Incorporate a plan into their personal profile. Reflect on progress and note lessons learned.

Career Paths

Define clear criteria for promotions. Define how you will communicate and use career paths. Think about talent management activities to support careers at all levels.

Development and Training Needs Analysis

Create plans that underpin business objectives and personal development targets. Create a transparent development system that links requirements to training and career paths.

Organizational Design

Assess your business requirements, check the skills you possess today and define the ones you will need tomorrow.

Workforce Planning

Determine which roles you will outsource. Define how you will develop future capabilities.

Integration with Other IT Frameworks

These include ITIL®, COBIT® and many others.

What is SFIA Kickstart?

Whether you need help defining goals, building a business case, integrating with current processes or checking the work you have done, our consultants are ready to assist.

For only 995 €, get access to an accredited consultant through the SFIA Kickstart service. Ask questions and get clear, practical information. Gain confidence in the execution of your SFIA action plan.

SFIA Kickstart includes:

  1. Analyzing your needs on intake.
  2. A half-day workshop introducing you to SFIA.
  3. A half-day of tailor-made consulting to get you started.

Who should I contact?

For more information on SFIA consulting, contact Tamara Alen in Belgium at +32-476-91-64-59.