What is TOGAF®?

The Open Group Architecture Framework (or TOGAF® for short) is a detailed method and set of supporting tools for developing an enterprise architecture.

TOGAF® enables you to define, evaluate and build the right architecture for your enterprise. The key to TOGAF® is the architecture development method (ADM), a reliable and proven method for developing a business and IT architecture.

It is the most prominent enterprise architecture framework, ensuring consistent communication amongst enterprise architects.

There are four types of architecture that are commonly part of an enterprise architecture, all of which TOGAF® is designed to support:

Business Architecture

Defines the business strategy, governance and organization as well as key business processes.

Data Architecture

Describes the structure of an organization's conceptual, logical and physical master data assets and resources.

Application Architecture

Provides a blueprint for the deployment of application systems including their interactions and relationships to the core business processes of the organization.

Technology Architecture

Describes the hardware and software requirements to support the deployment of applications and data. This includes middleware, networks, communications, etc.

Where did TOGAF® come from?

TOGAF® was developed by members of The Open Group, working within the Architecture Forum.

The original development of TOGAF® was based on the Technical Architecture Framework for Information Management (TAFIM), developed by the US Department of Defense (DoD). The DoD gave The Open Group permission to create TOGAF® by building on TAFIM, which itself was the result of many years of effort and millions of dollars of investment.

Starting from this foundation, the members of the Architecture Forum have developed successive versions of TOGAF® each year. Each one has been published on The Open Group's public web site.

Who is TOGAF® for?

Any organization undertaking the design and implementation of an enterprise architecture in support of mission-critical business applications.

Business and IT organizations using TOGAF® are ensured of a design and procurement specification that will greatly facilitate open systems implementation. It enables the benefits of open systems to accrue to their organizations with reduced risk.

Using an architecture framework will speed up and simplify architecture development, ensure more complete coverage of the designed solution and make certain that the selected architecture allows for future growth in response to business needs.

Architecture design is a technically complex process. The design of heterogeneous, multi-vendor architectures is particularly challenging. TOGAF® plays an important role in demystifying the architecture development process.

Enterprise architecture professionals fluent in TOGAF® enjoy greater industry credibility and job effectiveness. TOGAF® helps practitioners avoid being locked into proprietary methods, utilize resources more effectively and realize a greater return on investment.

What online resources are available for TOGAF®?

The Open Group online store allows you to purchase a range of items, including publications and memorabilia. Electronic publications are available for immediate download after purchase. Click here to find out more.

What is the TOGAF® course roadmap?